With the advancement of technology comes with the advancement of different platforms for businesses. Online business has become a trend nowadays. Whatever your business might be, you can  easily promote it not just nationwide, but all over the world.

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If you are selling shoes, artworks, clothes, soap, fashion accessories, or other products, then you should have it posted and sold online. Nowadays, the people do not really go out just to buy these commodities. They prefer to shop online. They can see a lot of much better options and choices that would suit them well. What’s good is we can order not just in the country but from abroad as well.

If you want your business to grow and progress, then dwell with online business! Contact an expert to give you the best advice in order to promote it. The fee that you paid for would be easily paid off.

Here are some of the great ideas that we want to share with you. These are varieties of the best social media networks where you can promote your business easily.


 1. Facebook (FB)


Facebook is the fastest growing social media platform nowadays. It was founded by Mark Zuckerberg along with his roommates during college at Harvard University. Its name came from the face book that is often given to university students in United States of America (USA). It just started as a social media network that is limited only to Harvard students. From s mall university social media, it boomed for quite a long time now.

It’s just a simple network where you can make a page for your business. You can place the pictures of your products, its price, and even your product’s size. You can update your customers what’s new and what’s out. You can let them know your improvements with your business that can surely lure them.

You can also upload videos and make a live coverage too. Viewers can comment and like easily on these videos — making it so accessible to everyone who is part of your friend’s list or for FB users who follow you.

People from anywhere in the world knows how to use Facebook. As of now, more than one billion Facebook users are active on this social media. Imagine how huge the number is! Not to mention that almost all of these active members use it every single day.

From a bunch of students who just made a little network project, and now becoming into successful CEO’s and heads of a huge company with thousands of employees all over the world, can you tell how big the improvement is? Facebook is just one of the best examples how your simple business can grow into something unbelievably huge through the online world.


2. Instagram (IG)

instagram-1581266_960_720Instagram was founded by Kevin Systrome and Mike Krieger in 2010. They named it after “instant camera” and “telegram.” This social media network is a platform where you can share all your photos to its 100 million active users all over the world. Because of its boom landing in the world of social media, it was bought by Facebook way back in 2012.

This is a very good platform for selling products or for promoting your business online. You can emphasize the photos of each product since Instagram is made to highlight the art of photography. With the smartphones that people use these days, who can never get into the world of IG?

It is so easy to use. Just like Facebook, you can create different accounts for your business. You can place the name of your products, its prices, specs, and other important details on the caption. It is so trendy these days because it can also be linked into your Facebook account as well. All your photos on IG can all be synced and posted on your Facebook wall too. That’s the beauty in these social media networks.



Twitter_iconTwitter was launched and co-founded by  Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams in the year 2006. According to its founders, it was named as twttr at first because the domain has already been taken. But, when it grew, they managed to buy the twitter.com domain.

Later on, twitter has been one of the most used social networking sites. Defined by the name itself, the users tweet like a bird anytime and anywhere. Regardless of how many posts you would like to tweet in a day, you can freely do so. This platform is best for updating news online. It can easily be used, as it was termed as the “SMS on the internet.” Added to this, it is only limited to 140 characters only. But still, people can manage to make short tweets everyday.

People can make a chain of messages. Twitter users are united with hashtags (#). So if there is a certain celebration, users just use the hashtag and see the updates on what’s going on with that particular event. Some hashtags can become trending, and there’s a list to unite all those who care about those topics that are trending.

As of now, more than 100 million users tweet over 340 million tweets every single day! Imagine how many prospect clients and customers can you have?

These are just some of the most powerful social networking sites these days. Almost every person in this world tends to have these social media accounts. These are not just for simple communication. These break the boundaries in every country. You can see live updates, important news on current events, videos, documentaries, socialization, and even online businesses are trending in these social networking sites.

Being a popular platform for getting the interest of variety of people from all over the world, you can easily keep in touch with the people who are interested in your business. These are very accessible sites that can easily catch the attention of thousands of customers all over the world. This is just the perfect place for your business. Who would have thought that your business can reach millions of people? So what are you waiting for? Go, get their apps, and build your own store online!